Singapore Highlights

11:35 PM

Fast & Furious 6

Episode 9, Season 13, Episode 9

12:20 AM


Episode 6, Season 18, Episode 6


  1. 7:55 AM

    Just For Laughs: Gags

    Episode 8, Season 13, Episode 8

    Hidden camera reality show in which comic pranks are played on unsuspecting members of the public.
  2. 8:25 AM

    Downton Abbey

    Episode 6, Season 6, Episode 6

    When Downton is opened to the public for a day to raise money for the hospital, there are mixed feelings both above and below stairs.
  3. 10:25 AM
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    Fast Five

    Get ready for “FIVE times the action, excitement and fun"! To gain back their freedom and win the ultimate high-stakes race, they must pull off this one last job that worth $100 million! 


  1. 2:30 PM

    How Do I Look Asia

    Fancy Dressed Up, Season 3, Episode 7

    Friends and relatives of one style-challenged individual compete with a professional stylist to create a winning look.
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  2. 4:00 PM

    Home To Win

    Episode 6, Season 2, Episode 6

    Celebrity builders and designers pool their extraordinary expertise to transform an average house into a masterpiece.
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  1. 7:55 PM

    2 Fast 2 Furious

    The adrenaline-fueled thrill ride that began with The Fast and the Furious takes an explosive new turn in 2 Fast 2 Furious! Let's accelerate the action into a desperate race for survival, justice and mind-blowing, jaw-dropping speed!

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  1. 12:20 AM


    Episode 6, Season 18, Episode 6

    Real cases of women accused of committing or attempting murder, featuring interviews with police, lawyers, friends and family of victims and suspects.
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