1. 6:00 AM

    Christmas Confessions


  1. 2:25 PM

    Operation Christmas


  1. 6:00 PM

    Renovation King

    Episode 6, Season 2, Episode 6

    Barry Du Bois shows how even the humblest home can be transformed into a practical and beautiful living space - and all without busting the budget.
  2. 10:30 PM

    Summer Villa

    When bestselling romance writer, Terry, struggles from a severe case of writer’s block, her best friend and editor, Leslie, offers to let Terry stay at her family's summer villa in France to clear her head. Terry's shocked to find Matthew, Leslie's celebrity chef brother at the villa, licking his wounds after a disastrous review. They agree to keep their distance from one another, but that turns out to be tricky when sharing a house. Together, they help one another rediscover what their passions while finding love in the process. Is Matthew just a summer fling or is he her real romance?


  1. 2:05 AM

    A Dogwalker's Christmas Tale

    When 21-year old Luce Lockhart maxes out her credit card, she is forced to take a part-time job walking a wealthy developer’s dog. At the dog park, she meets Dean, a handsome dogwalker who tells Luce that the developers are going to build a salon over the quaint park. Soon, Luce begins to question whether she should help Dean by acting against her neighbors or ignore him.