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THE ARRANGEMENT EP 8: “The Betrayal”

There are only 2 episodes left for The Arrangement!
But before that, let’s check out with happened on The Arrangement!

  1. Terence went into his sub-conscious mind after a blowup with Kyle to find answers to his questions.
  2. Kyle learned more about Megan’s past with her step brother.
  3. Kyle’s home was wrecked!

Here’s the exciting highlight for this week’s episode:

  1. Kyle beefed up his home security system because of the mysterious wreckage. He will do anything to protect himself and Megan. (A gun?)
  2. Kyle and Megan are moving in together so they can share their lives with each other.
  3. Shaun has no idea what she’s getting herself into working for Terence and making use of her legal powers for “Good”…
  4. Megan keeps getting new pages slightly before filming and it has got to do with her childhood idol. (Guess her idol only cares about protecting her own reputation…)
  5. While the girls were helping Megan to pack, they started to talk... Megan learns that Hope leaked her nude pictures and Shaun has been attending seminars at the IHM without telling Megan. Is this what BFFs do?
  6. Megan is in shock and she no longer knows who her friends are anymore. 
  7. After Kyle rejected DeAnn’s proposal for the “Technical Highway”, DeAnn approached Megan to get her involved in persuading Kyle on this new production. (And of course, Kyle read the script!)
  8. Megan and Kyle can only trust each other now… But are there any other secrets that could possibly ruin everything that they have?

Watch the repeat on Saturday at 10:05PM | 9:05PM JKT-THAI, and look out for the new episode on Monday at 8PM | 7PM JKT-THAI, only on DIVA! 

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