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Previously on The Arrangement,

  1. DeAnn got her much needed escape/fun with Annika.
  2. Megan got her sexy Maserati!!!
  3. Detective Gaffey got her 2 hours with Kyle West in hotel room 213. 

Here’s the exciting highlight for this week’s episode:

  1. Kyle is traumatized by what happened back in the hotel room because Terence did not fight for him to get Detective Gaffey another option.
  2. Nate is making Megan very uncomfortable. He wants to steal Megan from Kyle!
  3. Megan and Kyle went back to her hometown to attend her best friend’s wedding.
  4. Terence went into his sub-conscious mind after a blowup with Kyle to find answers to his questions. (What does IHM do again?!)
  5. Evan, Megan’s step brother, raped her when she was 11. No wonder she is so traumatized!
  6. Evan’s girlfriend, Rebecca, is attending the wedding too. It’s bringing back all the horrible memories that Megan has tried to forget.
  7. When KyGan got home, they were in shock! Kyle’s house was wrecked! (By Terence?)   

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