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Previously on The Arrangement,

  1. Megan got the lead role for a new play she auditioned for.
  2. Megan and her director, Nate, kissed!
  3. Annika thinks that DeAnn is not ready for her. (Ready for what?)

Here’s what you need to know about the episode this week: 

  1. Lisbeth is back for attention.
  2. Megan turned Nate’s world upside down. Nate wants Megan to leave Kyle West. 
  3. Megan was impressed by Kyle’s hidden talent: Jam Skating.
  4. Kyle got Megan her “Sexy Beast”, a Maserati to replace her old car!
  5. Detective Gaffey is determined to get what she wants... Threatening Terence with the secrets she has of the Institute. 
  6. It’s not money that Detective Gaffey is after, it’s her fantasy… *Shocking!*
  7. DeAnn decided to continue having her fun and letting Annika do whatever she wants. 
  8. While Megan was at her play, Kyle was in hotel room 213…

You better be prepared for an emotional roller coaster!!!
Watch the repeat on Saturday at 10:05PM | 9:05PM JKT-THAI, and look out for the new episode on Monday at 8PM | 7PM JKT-THAI, only on DIVA! 


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