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IMPOSTERS EP 10: “Always Forward, Never Back.”

On the previous episode of Imposters…

  1. The wedding is nearing and Maddie struggles to keep her plans on track.
  2. Patrick tried to make a deal with Ezra, and Max taught Richard his tricks of the trade, while Jules had an unexpected encounter.
  3. The Doctor is in and now the ball is now in the FBI’s court.

There’s just so much to share for this episode! But here are some highlights for the FINALE!

  1. Everyone is in position for the wedding. (Team Maddie, FBI and their fake relatives)
  2. Maddie revealed why she became a con artist. 
  3. Maddie started grilling Patrick… Is Patrick his real name? Is he married? Then what is
  4. The wedding gift Jules made was actually a decoy to transport the FBI’s money.
  5. Richard messed with all the FBI’s cars. (Max’s tricks)
  6. Jules pretended to be Maddie and drove off on a boat so that Maddie can get to Patrick’s house to get the Saffron ring. (Only to realise that it’s not in the safe!)
  7. Max realised the briefcase was a fake. (This is for Sally!)
  8. The trio bought tickets to head back to Seattle with the SAFFRON RING!!! (Ezra took it before Maddie!)
  9. Now they are all free… But if that’s what you think, you’re wrong because they just got themselves on the list: The Lenny Cohen’s List!  

It’s the long-awaited showdown between con artists and FBI. It’s still unclear whose side Maddie is really on! We have so many questions but so little answers…
Watch the last repeat of Imposters on Saturday at 11:05PM | 10:05PM JKT-THAI, only on DIVA!    

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